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"Intuitive Color & Design, Updated 2nd Edition" by Jean Wells Think outside the block and look what happens! Jean Wells gives you the assignment of your life: put away your ruler and use your inner vision to design and piece spectacular, free-form quilts you'd never have guessed you could create. In this updated edition of best-selling Intuitive Color & Design, Jean’s workshop assignments get your creative juices flowing, giving you challenges to expand your quilting horizons. Start by learning to see line and color; study the nuts and bolts of design; develop your color work and composition; and when you get stuck, there’s expert advice on problem solving. You will never see quiltmaking in the same way again. • Creative exercises take your use of color, line, design, and piecing in dramatic new directions • Use photographs and journals to find inspiration and develop your ideas with Jean’s updated, expert guidance • Learn innovative finishing techniques to show your quilts at their best • Classroom-proven techniques make the adventure easy for any quilter

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