Santa Fe Quilting Online Store

Frequently Asked Questions

Covid Hours & Requirements & Holiday Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10-5
Thursday 10-2
We are Closed on Sundays
We are open July 4th from 10-2
Masks are optional in our store.  We have some if you forget yours.
Classes are currently set for in-person teaching.

You must sign up for classes at least 48 hours before the start of class. You should arrive for class at least 15 minutes before start time unless your teacher specifies otherwise. You need to purchase all supplies for class before class and do any pre-cutting requested before class. Any cancellations for a class you have signed up for must be made 48 hours before the day of class or you will not get a refund. 

Why is my shipping for a Medium Flat Rate Box?

We are still trying to figure out how the shipping works.  We will always give you the cheapest shipping we can do!  So, our answer to the issue is to charge our average box size for orders.  We will process your order and we will issue you a store credit,  or gift certificate.  We will call or email you with any issues we come across and get it straightened to your liking.  We will have this issue sorted out shortly.  

What is the best way to get started?

We recommend clicking on one of the options in the horizontal bar at the top of the page to look at “Fabric” or “Notions” or “Books”, etc. Then use the filters on the left (vertical) side of the website to refine your search.

What happens with I make a pre-order?

When you pre-order fabrics you have three choices:

1.  Order and pay for it on-line and we will cut and send it to you when it comes in.


2.  Write down the sku's for the fabrics you want in the pre-orders and call the store.  We will do a special order for you when you call, then we will cut the fabric when it comes in and you will pay for it when we call.


3.  If you want a pre-order and you are ordering other in-stock items, then you pick, pay for all it.  We will then complete & ship your order with your in-stock items, do a special order for you pre-order and then cut and ship when it comes in.

 How do I find my favorite designer?

We have created many options for filtering the fabrics by color, designer, theme, shape, etc. Click on “Fabric” and then explore the search options on the left side pane (note that this method will give you the most selections). You can also just type something (like “Kaffe”) in the search bar at the top of the page, but this will yield fewer results.

 Where is the pink fabric?

We have organized the fabrics using the color wheel (like we do in our physical store). So pink fabrics are included with red. Purple is violet, red violet, or blue violet. White, gray, and black are neutral. Pretty cool, huh?

 Why am I only getting one fabric when I select “Sunflowers”?

The filters are designed to help you find the perfect fabric, so they build on each other. If you select “Batik”, then “Green”, then “Sunflowers”, you are searching for a very small subset of our green batik sunflower fabric collection (which may be exactly what you want.) If you want all the sunflowers, remove (unclick) the filters for “Batik” and “Green” by clicking the “X” on the left side of your screen.

 How do I get back to the home page?

See that beautiful, swirly SFQ logo in the top left corner? Click on it and it will instantly transport you to your happy place. You can also look for the word “Home” at the top of the page.

 Where are the dragonflies? I know you have dragonflies…

The fabrics have to be converted for web sales one at a time. We are working our way through the shop to get all the fabrics online for you asap. Please call us at 505-473-3747 and we can help you find what you need or set up a shopping appointment for you.

 How can I order 1/3 of a yard of fabric?

On the website, we only sell fabric in ¼ yard increments with the smallest cut being ½ yard. If you need ¼ yard or 1/3 yard of a fabric, note the SKU number of the fabric you like and call us at 505-473-3747 or email us at We will happily process your order on the phone or via email. You can also make an appointment and shop in person.

 I live in Santa Fe, do I have to pay for shipping?

If you want your purchases delivered to your home, you have to pay for shipping. If you want to pick up your purchases, select “Pick up” as your delivery option and you won’t have to pay for shipping. You will receive an email when your order is ready.

That can’t be right!?!?

Yep, we have made some mistakes. We will make more mistakes. If you see something that looks amiss ($60 for a yard of fabric?) please send us an email at and we will look into it and fix any problems. Thank you for your help.

 Do I still get my points when I shop on-line on your website?

Yes!  Once your order is filled your points will be on your account.

Can I use my shopping spree discount when I on-line shop?

Sorry.  Not right now.  We are limiting your shopping spree to in store only.  Same as your birthday discount.  We will figure this out soon, but for right now this is the best we can do.  If you are out of state, hang in there, we will get a process soon and you will be able to redeem your 16% off soon.

Happy shopping!