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This package contains 4 (9" x 13") sheets of GREY transfer paper. These sheets are reusable many, many times over. The process works like this. Tape your background fabric, right side up, to a hard, flat surface. Either tape or pin your pattern, right side up, on top of the fabric. Now, slide a piece of the transfer paper between the pattern and the fabric. It's like the meat in a sandwich. Using Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Tracer, trace over the lines of your pattern. When you remove the pattern and transfer paper, you will have nice, thin lines to follow on your background fabric. CAUTION: Always test before use to ensure the lines can easily be removed. I have used a fabric eraser or a micro-fiber dust cloth to brush lines off. Or, they have washed away with plain water. The white transfer paper marks can be ironed away. If, for any reason, you find the lines are not easy to remove on your test piece, trace inside the lines of your applique shapes to ensure the lines will be covered when you are finished.

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