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Ghastlie Love
Alexander Henry Ghastlie Love
In stock, 12.75 yards
A Ghastlie Snip
Alexander Henry A Ghastlie Snip
In stock, 1.5 yards
A Ghastlie Gush
Alexander Henry A Ghastlie Gush
In stock, 14.5 yards
Thicket Critter Panel
United Notions Thicket Critter Panel
In stock, 11 units
Ghastlie Forest Natural
Alexander Henry Ghastlie Forest Natural
In stock, 15 yards
A Ghastlie Pastoral
Alexander Henry A Ghastlie Pastoral
In stock, 8.5 yards
A Ghastlie Moment
Alexander Henry A Ghastlie Moment
In stock, 8.75 yards
Something Wicked Panel
Clothworks Something Wicked Panel
In stock, 3 units
Pick Your Poison Panel
Clothworks Pick Your Poison Panel
In stock, 12 units
Eerily Elegant Vintage
United Notions Eerily Elegant Vintage
In stock, 7.5 yards
Timeless Treasure Roses
In stock, 14.75 yards
Kaffe Paper Fans - Black
Free Spirit Kaffe Paper Fans - Black
In stock, 6.5 yards
Kaffe Shell Bouquet - Red
Westminster/Rowan Kaffe Shell Bouquet - Red
In stock, 3.25 yards
Kaffe Paper Fans - Red
Westminster/Rowan Kaffe Paper Fans - Red
In stock, 3.5 yards
Kiyohara Fishing Bears
Seven Islands Kiyohara Fishing Bears
In stock, 1.25 yards
Pen & Ink Dogs
Timeless Treasure Pen & Ink Dogs
In stock, 14.5 yards
Geo Zoo Zebra on Ivory
Robert Kaufman Geo Zoo Zebra on Ivory
In stock, 3.75 yards


We mail a newsletter each Friday featuring a few fabrics in our store, talk about quilting and events in our area and post entertainment information during our Pandemic. The featured fabrics are in circles on the home page of the web site. 

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